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Pet Peeves - babies_2005
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Subject:Pet Peeves
Time:11:46 am
So I decided to make a general list about my pet peeves because there are some things in my RL that are bugging me...

You can read it if you want... You can also comment if you feel the same way or want to add your own... *shrug* As I said its more of a generalized list...

((Even though it mostly pertains to being a mom, some can pertain to about life in general)

My pet peeves about other people (as a mom-to-be)

• Do not touch my belly without asking me first.
• There is a reason why I have a registry… it tells you what I need and want (and most likely gives you a theme for the nursery and clothing). Do not deviate from the list!
• Do not give me advice / stories about your pregnancy unless I ask. Every pregnancy is different.
• Along those lines, do not make up stories about yourself, just so you can relate or try to look better... lies do come out somehow, someway… Not everyone can relate to me all the time.

A parent's pet peeve about other people

• Since you are asking to hold my child, please wait for a response before reaching out for him or her. Why bother asking if you are going to grab him or her anyways without my permission?
• Ask before you do anything to my child. Do not feed him or her what is on your plate just because you see me doing it.
• Do not complain if what you bought my child is wrong because we don’t talk to you on a regular basis. It’s not our responsibility to keep you up-to-date about how our child’s progress is. Before buying my child anything, why don’t you ask what size she is wearing or what he is fascinated about? That way you can’t complain that we don’t like anything you buy him or her (Or better yet… just give us a gift card so the child can decide).
• Do not give me advice / stories about how you were raised or how you raised your own children unless I ask. Most of the time it doesn’t work for my child.
• Do not make up stories to show how you are a better parent or how you would make a better parent than me. Each person has their own style that works for them. Not to mention that making stories up make you look like a dumb ass, since you can’t keep your lies consistent. Lastly on this subject… not everything about you relates to our situation anyways.
• Every child is special, and to a parent, their child will always be the best. Especially to a first time mom, do not make remarks that milestones are typical for babies that age. It’s a big deal for me, so let me be happy.
• Most important of them all, LISTEN to me (and/or my spouse/significant other) and respect our decisions! I may be a first time parent, but I also know what’s best for each one of our children.

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Pet Peeves - babies_2005
View:Recent Entries.