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Subject:issues with self-biting
Time:04:06 pm
My little guy, 20 month old Topher has a really bad habit. He doesn't hit people (well, except his older brother, and I am pretty sure Seth deserves it). He doesn't throw things at people (though he throws in anger). He bites.


As most people know, he and his older brother were in foster care for a while, but are now out, and staying with family, while in my care daily from waking to bedtime. The only time we are not together is where we sleep.

The thing is...he started this at the very end of being in foster care.

Now the question. How do we get him to stop?! We tried redirection, positive reinforcment when he doesn't bite himself...we even tried TWO kinds of hot sauce on "the" arm. (he only bites one arm!) Well...he LIKES the hot sauce. One is too hot for *me* to handle (and I can eat extra spicey thai food without blinking!), and when he boit the arm with that on it...he stopped...looked at it...AND SUCKED IT OFF. AND ASKED FOR MORE!! We stoppped that trick though, because his little lips swelled up a tad bit. He got a huge glass of milk, and a piece of bread, heh.

What on EARTH do we do?! He's bruising up his chubby little arms something feirce. :( Help!
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Subject:The second time around
Time:08:29 am
This pregnancy is very different than the first. I can definitely see the difference.

1) I'm smaller than I was this time with our daughter. There's a slight bulge but nothing significant. I look a little fat more than anything. Not that I'm complaining... the books say that having them this close together may do that to a person.

2) I'm more nauseas than before. I barely got sick the last time; the worst times were on a very turbulant plane ride from L.A. to Las Vegas and the return. It wasn't cool. This time, every time my husband cooks and I smell it, I get queasy. Everytime I bend over to pick up our daughter, my stomach churns. I still do, even though I'm well into my second trimester, when it usually subsides.

3) I can feel the baby much more easily than I did before. Last time I worried so much if she was okay. This time (I guess since I know what I'm feeling now) I can feel him being very active and just almost jumping around, doing somersaults, kicking, etc., by just lying down at night.

4) I'm definitely more prepared. I think its because I kept all our stuff from our first child that it makes this one a lot easier. Though we did put some stuff for her in our registry, just because we haven't gotten some of the stuff that we need for toddlers (potty training, front facing car seat, etc.).

5) I have to think about circumsion this time around. I know we are going to do it. I knew that when we fist thought our daughter was a boy in the beginning of our first pregnancy. But I now know I'm not going to be in the room when the doctor does it!

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Subject:Pet Peeves
Time:11:46 am
So I decided to make a general list about my pet peeves because there are some things in my RL that are bugging me...

You can read it if you want... You can also comment if you feel the same way or want to add your own... *shrug* As I said its more of a generalized list...

((Even though it mostly pertains to being a mom, some can pertain to about life in general)

For a Mom-to-be in meCollapse )

For all the parents out thereCollapse )

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Subject:cabinet latch suggestions?
Time:07:59 pm
I bought the Safety 1st Cabinet & Drawer Latches kit and it sucks so bad and the instructions are illegible and horrible and there are three barely visible pale-blue and white pictures and that's IT and I can't install them.  Can't.  So all my makeup is around the very edge of my tiny sink (no vanity or space or countertop, cos it's a 1950's house), along with my laundry soaps, cleaning products, etc. - oh, and on the back of my toilet.  Grrr. 

Recommend a brand of easy-to-install cabinet latch for a hardworking frustrated single-mom please?  I need to go buy something soon (and cheap) cos this is just killing me.
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Time:12:37 pm
My son has 10 teeth and more coming in every day it seems. He has seriously been teething for 6 months. That's been okay and we use Hyland's and frozen watermelon, etc. with pretty good success, but lately all he wants to do is bite Momma and occasionally other people. How can I teach him that biting stuffed animals, toys, etc. is fine but biting people is not? He does not bite while breastfeeding. I never yelled (except involunatary "ows!") but just removed the breast for a while when he tried and he hasn't done that since he was about 5-months old, but I don't know how to remove *myself* so he won't try to bite me.


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Subject:persistent thrush
Time:09:54 am
this thrush just will NOT go away.  So I'm washing all Ethan's soft toys in hot water in the machine and the hard toys that I could, I've washed in hot water in the tub.  I'd like to pick up some antibacterial wipes for his other plastic toys, but don't want to use anything that could be damaging if/when he puts the toy in his mouth afterwards.

Suggestions?  And I don't want you to suggest anything I have to go online to order and wait for shipping on, since I really, really, really want to be done having thrush TODAY if at all possible (or soon at least.  I'm really tired of hurting every damn day.)

Thanks in advance.

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Time:08:40 am
I know I really want my son to be a "reader". My husband and I are bookies and I'd love for my son to have that advantage as well. There's nothing so exciting some times as a good, imaginative story! New studies show that infants and children who are spoken to at home frequently (and with complex words) are likely to become better readers and better students as they grow.

Starting April 1, a Scholastic webcast from the site Reading Rockets will be available free of charge at this link: http://www.readingrockets.org/profdev/webcasts/1002

I encourage all mommas who want their children to be readers to check this out when it becomes available!

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Subject:Baby related ebay auctions!
Time:06:18 pm
All items have less than 23 hours left. Please check it out! Great items!

Avon Foot cream


Baby Thermometer


Baby Bottle Warmers


Similac Formula and coupon


(6)Size 3-6 month one piece girl outfits


(5) 3-6 month girl outfits


Similac Formula


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Book


While Waiting Book for Pregnant women

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Subject:Rolling Over
Time:09:10 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
My daughter turned 4 months on Valentines day. She STILL hasn't rolled over yet. She gets all the way on her side and then falls back over.
Is this "normal"? I thought she would have accomplished this by now?! She is a BIG girl and I'm sure her big tummy gets in her way! :P

Anything I can do to help her? I put her on the ground to play a lot. For about 2 weeks she didn't get much floor time cause she was sick.
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Subject:I think it's a UK thing..........
Time:09:24 pm
I need you guys to vote for my daughter in the 'Face Of Calpol' competition.

It'll only take you seconds, and if there isn't another baby you were planning on voting for, I'd really appreciate the vote.


It's Daisy (6.5 months), and she's second down on the left of the screen.

Thank you so much.

Please let me know if you voted.
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